Stahlwerk compressor SW-C100

€ 815,00
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Improve your work performance with the robust air compressor from Stahlwerk Germany! This compressor, driven by a powerful 230 volt electric motor, not only delivers an impressive pressure of 8 bar, but also a filling capacity of 392 liters per minute. Ideal for tasks where precision and speed are essential, such as painting, using pneumatic tools or inflating tires.

Weighing only 56 kilograms, this air compressor from Stahlwerk Germany offers a perfect balance between stability and mobility, making it suitable for both workshop use and on the road.

At Stahlwerk Germany we strive for quality and reliability. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on the boiler and a two-year warranty on the electric motor. With Stahlwerk Germany you can improve the efficiency and performance of your operations.

Rely on the proven quality of Stahlwerk Germany to optimize your work processes. Contact us today for more information or a live demonstration!