Powered by KUBOTA U10-5 Mini Digger

€ 22.950,00
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Discover the versatile power of the Powered by Kubota U10-5 mini digger, a compact excavator designed to shine in confined spaces. With a weight of approximately 1 ton, this mini digger is the ideal partner for various earth-moving activities. Reliable performance is provided by the efficient Kubota diesel engine, while advanced hydraulic systems ensure precise control and smooth movements.

The U10-5 is not only powerful, but also comfortable for the operator. The ergonomic operating cabin offers a pleasant working environment in all circumstances. Whether you carry out excavation work on a construction site or other earthmoving work, this mini digger guarantees reliability and durability.


  • Machine weight: 1125 kg
  • Power: 7.6 kW / 10.3 hp
  • Maximum speed: 2.0 / 4.0 km/h
  • Maximum digging depth: 1800 mm
  • Maximum reach: 3330 mm
  • Maximum digging force arm/dipper stick: 5.4 kN / 10.4 kN
  • Output extra function: 21 l/min @ 175 kgf/cm2
  • Total height: 750 to 990 mm
  • Transport height: 2980 mm

Whether you're performing precision work with advanced hydraulics or taking advantage of mobility in confined spaces, the Powered by Kubota U10-5 provides the performance and versatility you need for a wide range of tasks. Make a reliable choice for your earthmoving work with this impressive mini digger.