Honda Generator GX 200 4500 AVR

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Honda Generator GX 200 4500 AVR

4500VA generator set with i-AVR

These generators are robust and reliable. They are equipped with the latest generation of Honda GX engines, the Digital AVR and a tank. The EG power generators offer you improved power quality, reliability and long runtimes.

The digital AVR (D-AVR) is a further development of the AVR and is used for the first time in the models of the EG power generators. This is a significant improvement over the traditional AVR, delivering a much smoother, more efficient power delivery to the sensitive electronics and providing stable voltage. This means that flickering lights are a thing of the past, making the devices ideal for emergency work at night.

Honda GX 200 4500 AVR

Quality, clean performance: The GX 200 delivers power using Honda's Intelligent Auto Voltage Regulation (i-AVR). This provides a smooth voltage regulation that can react to load fluctuations of any kind.
Convenient operation: GX 200 4500 AVR features Honda's Idle Shift, a unique system that detects increasing loads, but quietly and constantly adjusts the speed without you noticing a drop in performance. When less is needed, the speed decreases, which in turn saves fuel and money. They also have electric start and transport wheels as standard. The GX 200 4500 AVR can be equipped with the universal override switch that automatically controls the power supply in your home, switching from utility to generator as needed.
Auto-Choke: The intelligent auto-choke system automatically adjusts the choke to ensure optimal starting and running behavior in all situations.
Electric start: Electric start (to be ordered separately) by key operation, for effortless operation. (All models also have a hand start

Technical specifications:

Max Power: 3500W
Duration.Power:2700 W
Output Voltage: 230V
Gasoline consumption: 1.4 l/h
Weight: 39kg
Tank content 10 L

1 year / 2 years